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Creative journey leads to good design, that leads to good experience, which is the essence of life at Subhanu Technologies. We work with people & companies to help them create wonderful user experiences for their customers.

Wonderful Project Samples

MeetDaX Web Application

A web application that helps barbers, hairstylists, make-up & grooming experts, etc. to manage their bookings.

KiddyPi Website

To showcase the purpose of KiddyPi to its end users - main users being parents & students.

KiddyPi Mobile Application

Tracks student activities, scheduled events and to watch child's activities through images and videos.

Rep-World Website

A WordPress website for Reparation of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

A Lot More at Your Service

We offer Web, Mobile, and PWA Development, Website Design, UI/UX Design, Chatbot Development, IoT, AI/ML (Voice Assistant, Image Processing), Manual & Automation Testing and many services.


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About Us

We are a startup operating from Bangalore.

We are agile – ensuring with adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and the continuous improvement.

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