Career BootCamps – Programming, Industry 4.0 et al: FAQs

India has been a cradle of computer programmers over the last 3 decades. Every year, lakhs of computer engineers graduate from prestigious universities in India. The brightest of them also apply for scholarships and move to foreign universities for higher studies. The world has recognized Indian talents. We’re proud of Alphabet Inc and Google CEO Shri Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO Shri Satya Nadella.

Amidst this rosy picture, there are some chinks. Except A-listed technical universities and colleges, not all educational institutions are on par with the international standards. However, the costs of engineering education are quite high for the middle-class families.

In India, the annual average cost of a bachelor’s degree in computer science is in the range of 2.25 lakhs. Apart from money, students also invest 3 to 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Investments with respect to both time and money escalate if students pursue master’s degree courses but, do they get the right jobs? Do our engineering colleges prepare students to meet the present challenges of the software industry and other industries?

Engineering Colleges & their Contributions towards Job Pools

A study made in 2017 by Aspiring Minds rocked the world of IT when it claimed that 95% of engineering graduates in India are unfit for jobs like software development. Though industry veterans like Shri Mohandas Pai and Mrs. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw disagreed, the result of the study speaks a lot about the grim reality.

To a certain extent, the traditional method of ‘learning by rote’ is to be blamed. Backed by studies, ‘learning by doing’ method of coaching has a higher rate of success than the ‘learning by rote’ process.

Engineering students don’t get enough scope to participate in practical sessions and work on projects, as major portions of the courses are theoretical. This leaves a serious gap between the quality of the engineering graduates and the demands of the industries.

In addition, the world of employment has turned more volatile after the COVID-19 pandemic.

As is said, unusual times need unusual measures so here are the steps to take:

  1. Students should opt for some additional professional tracks to rise up to their potential. Not just any courses but the ones that are designed to meet the demands of the industries. Courses that help them discover their strengths, build their skills and start building their personal professional brands.     
  2. Institutions run by experienced and highly qualified industry experts take a front seat. Have a look at their industry track records before signing up.  
  3. Apart from the most suitable institutions and courses, students also need the right coaches and mentors.

Take a look at how RAPIDD Academy can help job aspirants to overcome both current and future challenges.

The Course Tracks

  1. Python & Web App Development
  2. Java & Web App Development
  3. Industry 4.0: Appreciation & Micro-Projects

About RAPIDD Academy

RAPIDD Academy is an innovative, project-oriented online career bootcamp, run from Bengaluru. Here are the groups of people who can reap benefits by joining our bootcamps:

  • Final year students/ recent passouts of both technical and non-technical streams.
  • Professionals who have earlier pursued non-technical or non-functional tracks.
  • Young professionals who want to upskill themselves in order to move up the hierarchy ladder, faster.

The mentors are highly-experienced professionals. The coaches and trainers are skilled in the fields of IT systems development, mobile app development, website design and development, electronics, robotics and AI/ML. One set of mentors and trainers have worked with Industry 4.0 framework, that encompasses world-class manufacturing practices and processes across Japan, Germany, Singapore India etc.

General Features of the Bootcamps

  1. Course duration is 2 calendar-months.
  2. Daily 1 to 2 hours of contact, conducted for all the courses from Monday to Saturday.
  3. Carefully created curricula to strengthen real-life problem-solving skills in learners.
  4. Students work on projects and micro-projects.

Enthusiastic students and professionals may have  various concerns and queries. Our course counsellors are there to address the same. The aspirants can thus arrive at clarity and purpose, before making decisions on whether to sign up for the bootcamp.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the BootCamps

Question 1: How to choose the best bootcamps, training or learning tracks

Answer: Students cannot have one-to-one interaction with tutors at Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Hence, they miss human guidance which is essential for the successful completion of industry-level projects.

At RAPIDD Academy, students get real-time mentoring and coaching from proficient tutors.

Question 2: How can you guarantee me a job/career?

Answer: Let’s first, have a clear understanding of our BootCamp philosophy and the benefits:

  • To start you off on the journey of excellence as a professional, we have the Real Self-Mastery Track which is an integral part of every BootCamp. Here you develop deep, real world, life skills. You are encouraged to adopt the habit of relentless self-development.  
  • We guide the aspirants and professionals in their chosen techno-functional tracks.
  • We engage the aspirants in projects based on real-world industry challenges 
  • We help them develop their analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • The aspirants acquire a deeper understanding of the purposes of various frameworks, tools and technologies.
  • They get an eagle eye-view of the objectives and priorities of their industry. They get a grasp of industry process flows and business culture.
  • They work in project teams, thus learning how to function in diverse teams, and imbibing aspects of planning, requirements analysis, design, development and quality assurance.
  • There is focus on perfecting the art of business communication too. This helps them in effectively presenting their strengths, skills and project work at job interviews.

All the above enable the learners to secure great jobs provided they give it their best efforts.

Question 3: Can I pay the course fee in instalments?

Answer: Yes we accept course fees in instalments. If you are committed and hardworking, you can apply for scholarships. Please talk to our coordinators for details.

Question 4: Do you also run offline courses?

Answer: Yes we do. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are offering the camps online. Once the Corona lockdowns are lifted and work-life starts getting back to normal, we will have offline components (meetings, face-to-face contact sessions) too as part of the curriculum.

Question 5: Can all this help me to get international jobs or university admissions?

Answer: Yes! We are strategic partners of  the renowned Nihongo academy, SilverPeak Global, which has offices in India and Japan. 

You’ll have access to top-grade services to secure the best placements at the top hiring Japanese brands, companies and universities.

We believe that you will transform yourself into a world-class professional, who can, on his own, obtain the best international jobs. You may even decide to start up something as an entrepreneur!

Question 6: How many hours shall I ideally dedicate for study?

Answer: As much as you can. Ideally, you should study for 25-30 hours per week apart from your online contact sessions.

Question 7: What are life skills? How do they differ from soft skills? Why have you included them in the curricula?

Answer: During the classical era, people of our country could face challenges of life more stoically than what we are able to do now. It’s about disciplining the mind and body to work in tandem. It’s about knowing the purpose of life and striving for excellence to achieve life goals. Here in RAPIDD Academy, we’ve designed our courses in such a way that learners also evolve life skills. It comprises the best of the oriental and occidental philosophies. Given the fierce competition in the IT sector, life skills are no less than defence arsenals.

Question 8: Why have you included soft skill development with every course track?

Answer: Apart from technical knowledge, an employee at an IT organisation needs life skills to perform as an efficient team member, properly communicate, think critically and possess a strong work ethic. Also, these skills ultimately make the difference among competing job aspirants.

Question 9: What is about the Industry 4.0 course track?

Answer: Hanover Fair, 2011 draws our attention for also an unusual fact, apart from the usual benefits of an international trade fair. The German government introduced the term ‘Industry 4.0’- plan blueprints and mechanisms to address the future challenges of German industry.

Industry 4.0 is the 4th and the latest phase of industrial revolution. Here at RAPIDD Academy, tutors guide you about how to prepare in an innovative setup of business, especially the production lines.

Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), robotics, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) are shaping the world of business. You’ll learn more about these technologies with the help of projects.

Question 10: With respect to IT, what tracks can I pursue, after completing my training at RAPIDD Academy?

Answer: We would suggest that at first you should get a job. The experience you gain at the workplace is priceless. You come across a variety of real-life challenges and acquire skills to overcome them.

Having said that, you can pursue the technical tracks as described below.

After Learning Web Development:

Here is the list of web development languages that will remain popular in 2020 and beyond:

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby

You can develop your skills in any of the above-mentioned programming languages to enhance your skills in web development.

After Learning Java:

You learn in detail about servlet, JSP, JavaMail API, Maven, IDE, EJB, and other web technologies.

After Learning Python:

You learn about image processing, ML/AI/Data Science and Python analytics. You can also opt for DevOps which has a wide scope in the industry.


The success mantra in the corporate and industrial world is to continually evolve. RAPIDD Academy gives you a platform where you discover your core strengths and start building a techno-functional skill base, alongside a professional “Brand You”. We are here to mentor you to reach your full potential in career and life. All the best on your journey of excellence!