Attaining Excellence through Relentless Self-Development

About Us

RAPIDD Academy is the one-stop destination in Bangalore for upskilling industry-specific, technical knowledge in programming languages, AI and ML, and manufacturing and operations in the Automobiles industry. Project-oriented, training syllabus gives a head start to engineering careers in this volatile era. So if you are a student or a professional who wants to build or upskill a career in engineering and manufacturing, you are in the right hands. 

At RAPIDD Academy, the faculty members are IT professionals, and veterans in automobile manufacturing and operations having a bird’s eye view of Industry 4.0 technologies. They mentor students in a way that they can serve the priorities of these sectors in the best ways possible.

Courses offered are centred around programming language Python along with Electronics, Robotics, AI and ML, Toyota Production System, A3 Problem Solving, Operational Excellence, Lean Awareness, Lean 6 SIGMA Green Belt, and other specialised fields associated with Manufacturing and Operations. Due to COVID-19, all courses are offered online as well.

Every student must complete at least one real-life, industry-standard project. Our courses set practical learning as the norm. You can implement project-based learning and tweak it to fulfill the project requirements.

Our Vision

Our vision is to start off the journey to attain excellence as a professional. We have the Real Self-Mastery Track which is an integral part of every BootCamp. Here trainees develop deep, real-world, life skills. They are encouraged to adopt the habit of relentless self-development. 

Our Faculty Members

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With 10 years of experience as a successful DevOps Specialist, Raghu Kumar C K is the Technical Lead at Subhanu Technologies and KiddyPi. Teaching is his passion. Raghu is a highly resourceful, goal-driven and a dedicated educationist. He is committed to help career-driven Software Engineering/Computer Science graduates to achieve their aspirations in the IT industry.

Our Strategic Partners

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Shri Anand Deshpande, the CEO and Founder of ADMAA Consulting, has 30+ years of experience as an operational excellence leader in manufacturing and financial services. He is a Six Sigma Certified Black Belt who has helped to reduce the cost of product manufacturing and improve the product quality at Toyota and Ford. Anand ji has led multiple projects on process improvement using Lean Six Sigma techniques.

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